about "Wagyu" and "Yakisuki"

We are commited to Wagyu.

Delivering true delicious flavors of Japan. "Wagyu" is the highest quality Japanese meat. It is delicately and carefully raised by a high quality Japanese beef cattle breed. (There are only four Japanese breeds of beef cattle: Kuroge Washu, Nihon Tankaku Washu, Mukaku Washu and Katsumou Washu.).

The meat must be of the highest quality to be considered "Wagyu".

This is one of the best foods that are made in Japan, where the quality of the meat is raised delicately and carefully. Wagyu is high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which might help reduce body fat deposits and prevent arteriosclerosis. Please indulge in the wagyu that is moist and will melt in your mouth.

Freshly made

We always offer fresh and rich foods, as we prepare and cook everything inside the restaurant. For example, we cut the meat professionaly ourselves and cook our own soup stock.

About Yakisuki

Yakisuki is a delicious meat cuisine where the Umami is confined in the meats, only at Yanma.

3 great things about Yakisuki

1. Being able to eat hot, fresh meat quickly.
Not only do we deliver fresh cuisines, but we are committed to serving our customers in a quickly manner, as we understand the rush in the busy airport environment.The best time to eat the meat is right after we put the special sauce on top in front of the customers.
2. The harmony in the meat, special sauce and tokitamago (beaten egg).
Not only do we commit to the quality of the meats, but we also calculate the cooking methods, thickness of the meats, the temperature of the teppan, and the beating of the eggs so that the meat and egg blend together. The special sauce highlights the meat's Umami. The grilled wagyu's flavor, sauce and egg are blended together.
3. Yanma's special dishes cannot be found in any other restaurant.
Everyone knows what sukiyaki is ; it is one of Japan's well-known dishes. Then what is "Yakisuki" ??? It is not Sukinabe (Sukiyaki in a pot), it is Sukiyaki where the meat on the teppan is paired with a special sacuce and beaten egg. We call it 'Yakisuki" because we grill the meat on the teppan. At Yanma, because we put the meat on the teppan, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the meat, cooking it thoroughly. This is a signature dish, here at Yanma.